With Eyes of a Hare (2011)

Rabbits Island (2007)


It’s been already more than a decade since I started to visit the dessert island Okunoshima, about 4km in circumference, located in “Setonaikai” or the Inland Sea of Japan in Tadanoumi Area in the city of Takehara, Hiroshima Prefecture.

I still clearly remember the first time I landed onto the island after getting off the ferry, so many wild rabbits came running close to me around the feet, I was so surprised.
And as I walked around the island through the wild forest where unique plants and fungi can be seen, I saw several historical scars, such as plants where Imperial Japanese Army manufactured chemical weapons, poison gas tanks, ruined power stations I was shocked and got speechless facing the strong contrast between the light and the darkness of the island.

I tried to study the history on the spot, I concentrated, used my senses, and opened myself to the world out there.
I devote myself and am dedicated to keeping records of this island, bending an ear to all the lives and existence on the island in this very moment, and also the message from the past I feel in silence and in harmony, my journey goes on.

(translated by rise komaba ) 

This sentence was written in 2016.

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